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You Are More Than Your Feelings

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
You are not your feelings rather they are an experience and it's changing. Give space for all feelings so you can notice the changing nature of them. You are much more than your feelings so be open to experience them and let them go.
From the community
11 reflections
Feelings pass, and we are not defined by them. They are an experience, and we must learn to live through those and make the most of it.
Great Meditation
An excellent guided meditations... We hold on to feelings (consciously and unconsciously), but we are not the feeling... We are so much more!... take those feelings, embrace and greet them, and let them go... Life is change...
You are more than you’re feelings
I was able to refocus after hearing my dog bark and wine for his dinner and that i as whole being am able to feel emotions and feelings without them consuming myself.
backyard universe
As I sat reading in the afternoon sun a flutter came from inside a bush a pair of prospective parents worked together with purpose hopping down little feet scurrying searching for just the right pine needles and twigs And then, with beaks loaded, they disappeared into the green leaves, flurry of feathers making the branches dance “If there’s a bustle in your hedge row don’t be alarmed now, it’s just a spring clean for the May Queen.” - L.Z.
Letting go
I learned that holding on to my feelings is what makes them linger. I need to detach myself from them as they are not permanent
Letting go of stress and anxiety
I have three weeks left until my first year of college is done. I am just about ready to start a math test and I just needed to get that reminder that “I feel stressed” and “I feel anxious” is a more clearer way to say how I am feeling rather than just say you are these things.
Letting go of my feelings
I feel shame a lot, and I need to learn to let that go. I’m me and I am more than my shame.
Letting go of your feelings
This meditation was great. I really appreciated she said in this exercise. Take care of yourself, be gentle with yourself. 🙌🏼🙏🏼🧘‍♀️
My breathing is so shallow
And I experience judgment about it; I wish my breath could be smooth, even, slow and relaxed. It’s hard not to feel uncomfortable with a constricted breath 😫
Running towards it
Feelings come and go. My feelings don’t define who I am. By embracing my feelings I can grow and move past them.
Started to get tired of feeling this way
It's becoming a nuisance. Every time I have to go to work. Anxiety just start to pump through my veins. I just want to be me. I'm scared to be me. The real me is not normal enough. I'm tired of putting on faces and facades all day. My mind is running it's self into the ground. Im thinking of switching from full time to part time work to have more time for my mental health because my physical health is being affected too, as I look tired and piqued all the time now. I can do this work day. Ive got to. much love to all
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