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You Are Loved, You Are Home

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Self Love Expert, Mentor, Sound Healer
This short and powerful poetic meditation gives you that few minutes of calm you may need to refocus on what means the most to you. At this very moment, we can all do with a reminder of how beautiful we are, and remembering that you are loved is a great way to grow and flow more love into our lives.
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Thank you JuneB!!
I have been using this meditation almost every night for a week now and I have a few things I want to say about it, I am surprised it has no messages yet. One I am so baffled by how it took my over 365 days of meditation to even come across JuneB and this meditation. Two. It is a life saver. I love this meditation. Helps instantly no matter what the issue is. I first found it when battling dark thoughts and on the brink of an anxiety attack, and it calmed me down significantly in the four minutes it took. And repeated listens do not diminish its help, it continues to calm me down even if I just listen to it. Now, I live in Central Florida and currently Hurricane Ian is going to pass directly by my house, tomorrow the eye could be a mile away from my house. That has me so so anxious and I can’t sleep or calm down. I considered skipping meditating tonight and just going to bed, but I am so so glad I didn’t. I used this meditation (my new go to meditation) and I can breathe properly and don’t feel so stressed and overwhelmed. Also I just want to say how beautiful your singing is June! This is the first meditation I’ve had that really incorporated music and song into the meditation. It was beautiful and it helped me internalize the message and connect with it so much more. Please please make other meditations using your beautiful singing voice and lots of them. So wonderful. Thank you for sharing this beautiful meditation with us!!!
Not for me
I just couldn't get into this. The singing was distracting. Singing what she said. Ugh.
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