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Yoni Egg Ritual For Self-Love & Healing

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Idit Nissenbaum
Healing & Sacred Rituals Facilitator
This Guided Sacred Yoni Ritual is made to support any woman that wants to use a Yoni Egg with the intention of sexual healing. This is a self-love practice combined with breath, slow movements & affirmations. The word Yoni originated from Sanskrit means “sacred space” where all life begins. The source, the womb, the female organ. The yoni is in the sacral chakra area, pleasure & joy. It is an ancient medicine (about 5,000 years), that is transforming the frequency with unique energetic, healing qualities. To awaken the sexual energy in with the divine femininity. It helps to heal sexual traumas, release negative energies that are stuck in the body, and cleanses the physical, energetic & emotional dimensions.