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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Making resolutions & setting goals are tricky at times. We can play games, bargain and blame others as we make excuses for our lack of progress. Have you ever done that? Sometimes there is an awakening that happens -causing us to see clearly what is blocking our success.
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Sweeet story
I’m constantly making connections as in the story. Though, I’ve always preferred to practice my yoga in the comfort of my home via DVD. I haven’t practiced yoga since my stroke, and should return to that practice.
Mary Kay
I feel very happy today! I am not so anxious. Making dinner and made sure my family is taken care of
I have to find my happy place and stay positive and don’t allow anything to get me upset
Another weird rerun here at Aura
I KNOW I've listened to this story before...would have sworn I commented then, but I see nothing in the notes here. My takeaway here, again is totally relevant to my life. Since my massive stroke and return to my home, family and world, I've made great strides (pun totally intended, as I returned home unable to walk!) you NEVER know what those around you may have gone through, or may be going through! It's best to treat all people and situations with a compassionate heart and eye! Just in case! My most relevant lesson has been with my return to the public streets...I've sadly noticed more than ever just how ignorant and uncaring many drivers are! When you're speeding up from behind me, only to pass quickly on my right? You have no clue who I am or what I've been through! You have no clue as to my finished capacity or great anxiety at driving my two-ton death machine in public! I've begun to give other drivers MUCH more leeway and room, and I'm usually considering if they may be like me...struggling with some impediment or another! Mental? Physical? Emotional? Within the last year, this point was driven (pun totally intended) home when my good friend’s grandfather was forced into a crash in his vintage Cadillac convertible by another driver’s really poor driving choices! Ruined the Cadillac RIGHT BEFORE a big area car show he was really looking forward to participating in! They managed to bring the remains of the Caddy to the show, where I met them to show off the car, and collect donations for grandpa’s medical bills, and solicit donations of money, labor and parts from the local car enthusiast community to get the Caddy back on the road...a mission which was accomplished! Granddad came out of the hospital OK! They were able to pick him up IN the repaired Cadillac!🤗
Yoga resolution
Great story about not judging others and being compassionate. We all fall into this trap at sometime in our lives. We misjudge others by seeing them at face value and not seeing the whole person.
Mother’s Day 2018
I learned that it’s the little things that truly matter. The cards from my children... the well wishes from my friends. Those little things made me feel appreciated and really made my day today ❤️
I learned that I need to focus on what matters most to me (my dreams, my hobbies, my interests, my job, etc) and worry about the least important things after. And there is always time to relax & have fun while doing them (having a beer) ☺️
How lonely we all must feel
This story made me realize that you can be so lonely even surrounded with people. Just try to remember that when you approach anybody and automatically feel empathetic towards each other.
Jami Lei
Tales In Mind
Wow! I’ve been here before. Our thoughts can really mess things up sometimes. I need to pay more attention to what I am thinking and to when! One bad thought can ruin what I need to be doing for myself I could potentially miss out on what it is that I need at that time. One bad thought can take me to places I should never be. I need to work on opening my mind and listening to my heart while looking at ppl differently. I don’t want to pre-judge someone specially when I have no clue how they are, what they are about &/or what is going on in their lives. I don’t want to miss the little things in life or the big things. Today I will work on not judging opening my mind and my heart.
Jami Lei
Tales in Mind
I need to open my mind and listen to my heart. Judging ppl is gonna hurt me more than them. Heck they don’t even know what I am thinking only in do. One bad thought can lead to more an more bad thoughts before I know it I’m in a pool of crap. So today I am going to listen to my thoughts more and my thought process and I am going to pay close attention to my heart to opening my heart more.
Jami Lei
Tales in Mind
I need to open my mind and listen to my heart. Judging ppl is gonna hurt me more than them. Heck they don’t even know what I am thinking only in do. One bad thought can lead to more an more bad thoughts before I know it I’m in a pool of crap. So today I am going to listen to my thoughts more and my thought process and I am going to pay close attention to my heart to opening my heart more.
Yoga Resolution🧘‍♀️
I encourage everyone to open their hearts (and ears 😊) and listen to this wonderful story told by a wonderful storyteller! The storyteller tells the story in a gentle voice adding humor and/or touching emotion where appropriate. This is a profound important story anytime, but especially during these difficult times. 💕💕💕
No perfect life
This is one of the best stories yet. It is such a strong, but gentle, reminder that we all have troubles; no one has a perfect life. Nonjudgmental thoughts and behaviors are necessary in order to foster understanding, growth, and acceptance.
Our thoughts
To me it all comes back to our thoughts. Irrational as she knew they were, she still kept thinking these thoughts and holding her judgement - which negatively impacted her workout and her day. I know this is something I must work on as well. We must help each other not harm each other, including self. Be kinder to ourselves and others. Lift each other up instead of pulling each other down. Let your heart lead the way, not your head. ❤️
Needed this
I've been struggling with irritation and envy toward a coworker recently. I needed this reminder that she and I are both on our journeys -- her success doesn't diminish mine.
Beautiful Reflection
A reminder that everyone has pain and I should refrain from making judgements and assumptions about others based on what I see. People are more than what they show to the world. Thank you for this story
We never know what others are thinking or what they may be going through. Our thoughts can and will play games with us if we allow them to.Dea leads us through a profound 10 minute story about resolutions and how by having judgments and criticism reminds us to always keep an open mind and heart. I could relate to this story somewhat, as I tried yoga for the very first time last year. I placed my mat right in front of the yoga instructor. Then, class began. Following the instructor’s lead, I began contorting my body into various poses. I looked around the class and quickly realized that everyone else was much more limber than I was. All of the sudden, I could sense eyes on me from all over the room or was it just my mind thinking that was happening?! Were they judging me or was I judging myself?! Regardless, I pressed on, pushing my body to try every pose to the best of my ability. After the class, I smiled at the instructor, already knowing that I wouldn’t be returning for the next session. I knew I had pushed my body too far, already feeling muscle soreness set in each time I moved. The next few days, I was so sore that I could barely walk. I remember criticizing myself for creating this pain I felt in the first place. I felt stupid, as if I should have known better. After all, I do live with chronic back pain. After I gave my body the much needed rest it needed over the next few days, I revisited this whole experience in my mind. I realized the reason why I had pushed myself so hard. I didn’t want to look out of place in this new environment I had put myself in! I wanted to look like I knew what I was doing even though, in all actuality, I was clueless. I learned something that day...to be true to myself no matter what, to not judge or criticize and to have compassion for myself and others. After all, we all experience suffering in one sense or another while we are traveling on this journey called life. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
One can't assume things about people without really knowing them.
Be nice to everyone around you including yourself. The world will repay you.
Lessons learned on point
I really don’t agree with embracing that it is ok to allow personal insecurities reflect on someone else because they are different. So the first part of the story didn’t play well for me. It also sounds like the moral here is to keep an open mind when experiencing new people, but the story being tight to a personal tragedy isn’t the only way that we should look at people with compassion. Besides the points above, I believe the story closed on a very positive note and reflects the message of how personal insecurities can skew our perception therefore we miss on great opportunities to experience the world and people in a way that we couldn’t before!
I could completely relate to this woman’s feelings. I’ve lived the majority of my life feeling less than others and insecure due to my disability. I loved the turning point in this story and the moment of bonding. I too have lost a child and this reminded me that trauma and pain like that don’t choose based on physical appearance. We all suffer and therefore we should all be open to the possibility that the people who trigger those feelings of insecurity are real people deserving of compassion.