My personal mission statement
I’m not entirely sure why but most of the time when I heard this I balked. I was apprehensive and almost shunned creating my own vision board or personal mission statement or anything surrounding that. I understand that it was fear. Fear of having to look deep, go within and make some decisions be willing to make some changes make some hard calls that are my responsibility and no one else’s. As though that’s not the case at all times. Lol but things have shifted in my life lately the last few years in a big way. And hearing this today whether it’s just the right time or the way that it was said or a combination of both it hit me, it’s sunk in deep I’m ready I’m willing I have a desire. And I know for me that when I’m ready and willing and have a thirst to complete some thing my work is and comes from a place that I haven’t always been before. And I’m excited about this doesn’t mean it’s always easy but are usually find things about myself that I haven’t found before. So I thank you I do I think you