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Wise Old Man

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist
We find ourselves complaining about our problems so many times. Hear what the wise old man has to say about that.
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Couldn’t agree more
I’m using 2020 to put all the things I’ve learnt over the years to use. Let my creativity flow & decrease worry and stress
This was an awesome wise truth. I wish I had more of these stories
Wise Old Man
What a perfect description... Remember to release your problems. Holding onto them and reliving them over and over will not solve anything. Learn from the problem and then move on
Lending complaints go
This story reminded me not to complain repeatedly about the same problems. I found this meditation appropriate for me call me since dwelling on complaints it’s something with which I often struggle. I have a proclivity overanalyze negative situations when they when they arise, regularly reiterating what I could have done to fix them. This is even in the case for circumstances sometimes beyond my control. This story examines the affects complaining about the same issues constantly and the people around us. The Bad habit repetitive complaining, Like a joke too often told  causes others to  losing interest in what we have to say. I it does not gain you any new friends. By way of analogy, Who among us has not change the channel after hearing The same bad news multiple times in the single day? Similarly, it is important to remember that The world moves On from our problems much faster then we do. I will keep this in mind whenever I feel the urge to repeatedly do well I need complaint future call Matt especially now since I have this story to listen to and this reflection to look back on. I am grateful for the folks who work for this app for putting the truck together. It has allowed me do you seriously consider how my repetitive complaining behavior affects others. Thank you for reinforcing this lesson and allowing me to reflect on it. I am also grateful for the community on this app for taking the time to read this post. I hope everyone it’s OK happy, and well.
Change your perspective
Complaining about the same things over and over again does nothing for you or whoever is listening. Do one small thing to change your perspective and you could move mountains! Small actions make a BIG difference.
Wise Old Man
Thank you! Break the cycle, change your focus, stop repeating the same...