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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
The wise mind is suspended between reasonable mind and emotional mind- learn to find a sense of calm and awareness and chose to rest here in this place of inner wisdom- of wise mind.
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11 reflections
I really enjoyed this session. It was empowering, and a nice reflection of the good things I do have in my life, despite health and money setbacks. Now, on with my Saturday...lots to do! Have a great weekend Aura tribe!
Walter J
Wonderful session to remind us we are all one! Once I found myself & then started to expand - I found myself coming in contact with everyone else in the world again, like it truly is in the 5th dimension. Peaceful co- existence... ahhh... breathe in smile, breathe out & feel peace! She had a great line about “The Wise Mind” is somewhere between the Emotional Mind & the Reasonable Mind but I saw it between & above the other two so they formed a triangle with Wisdom at the top. This shows me Wisdom is more desirable than always being logically right or emotionally heard. It is the best of both plus something else... like a “knowing” from Collective Conscious’s storehouse of knowledge that started before time. May we all grow in Wisdom daily! Individually & Collectively! ❤️☮️🍀
Thank you for helping me connect to my inner wisdom. My negative self talk often gets in the way. 🙏
Hurricanes & Tornados
Interpersonal violence used to take away my peace & serenity. I would rush from one crisis to another. As I document my wisdom from these experiences I experience calmness in the storm. Just like the eye. I take inventory of all the sage advice I have learned from my lived experiences. I seek out wise decisions.
Brilliantly Done
I think this may be Dea’s best meditation yet. I need to be able to rest in the wise mind, otherwise at this point in time I can flounder in the emotions of the moment. This is an exceedingly difficult time for me presently and this meditation brilliantly led me to the place where I strive to be but can rarely find now. Thank you, Dea. 🙏🏻Namaste🙏🏻
Four months later
Listened to this lesson four months ago, but since Kathy brought it back to light, I'm listening again! What a different place I feel I’m in today! This long President’s Day weekend, I've secured two scopes of work for my friend and youngest daughter’s forth-grade teacher! I'm back in business for myself!
This is a beautiful meditation in which we allow ourselves to go to a place deep within to our wise mind, the place between reasonable mind and emotional mind where we can experience and become witness to our inner wisdom. Dea does a beautiful job of guiding us to our wise mind. While I was at this deep place within, I began to take note of all that I am, without judgement. I became calm and aware of this energy as it began to expand out in the open air and into the Universe. As I was breathing in and out, repeating Dea’s amazing mantra, a bird began singing it’s song. Hearing this beautiful song reminded me that we are all indeed, part of One! My heart began to be dance with joy, knowing that this wisdom, this interconnecting, can give me a sense of peace! Thank you, Dea! 🙏🏻❤️
I am here
I am what matters. My being, my presence, my emotions, my thoughts. I am here, I am present, I am a divine being.
Dea, wonderful! Who can argue with peace and wisdom! Found some today in a viral world. Thanks.
Day 1: I am alive
i was reminded that i am a person and i am alive. I was showed that i could be rested and mindful of my surroundings without doing something.
I learned that I am part of the world and should be noticed.