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Why Feeling Off Balance Is Okay

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Dr. Zoe Shaw
Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert
The key to feeling balanced is not trying to balance at all. If you're feeling overwhelmed, take a few minutes and soak up some relaxation, encouragement and lens changing words that will shift you from feeling overwhelmed to feeling energized and focused on your priorities.
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It’s a good one!
It’s all about balance! What is the 3 most important things in your life?
Redefine Balance
Balance is something I once thought was something we should focus on and achieve; for example, 50% personal life and 50% work. I learned that there is a better way to view “balance”, which doesn’t necessarily have to be equal in terms of “spreading the load”. A helpful way to look at it is to define our priorities and focus on them. Some priorities may take more load than others, but that’s okay. Sometimes we have a long to-do list that may never get completed, and that’s also okay, as long as we focus on priorities and get the important things done day by day.