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Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

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Hilary Jackendoff
Yoga Nidra, Meditation, & Sleep Expert
In this meditation, you will be guided through a simple practice designed to remind you that where your attention goes, your energy flows. We will create what is known as an 'energy ball,' so that you can deeply connect to this, on an experiential level. In time, this knowing will inspire you to mindfully direct your attention, choosing thoughts and actions carefully, so that you are aligned with whatever you are seeking to energetically manifest in your life.
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Walter J
One of my favorite sayings is : “Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows” & this meditation does an excellent job showing how this works physically! I did it sitting up & it worked from the start. Starting as a tingling in my fingers, then little flashes of energy shot between my palms & it increased & expanded into a full fledge Energy ball trying to be contained by my hands! I could not go beyond 8” apart because they were attracting each other together so strong. Ya gotta try this! Then think of areas of your life you are already applying it. Are you Focused on what is good & right & what needs done OR what is bad & wrong & who can I blame?!? Big Difference between the two!! Try it Mentally, metaphysically & w/ your affirmations: I am returning to perfect health! Everyday in every way I am getting better & better! I make time to do important things! The world & everything in it is perfect, but not yet complete! I am a Happy Soul! We all use it ALL the time! Just make sure it is working FOR you! ❤️💥🍀
Timely Message
Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows. This is a very powerful reminder to make sure to keep attention on the positive, and not let my energy get sapped by discouragement, impatience, or negativity. (And I could feel my palms pulsing! Cool! 😄)
Where your attention goes energy flows
Except when your attention is focused on negative or critical thoughts energy does not flow freely. Negativity produces tension in the muscles and this creates physical resistance to energy flow. You may not be aware of this because often it is just the fine muscle fibers that contract. I have a metabolic disorder that has forced me to become aware of the slightest muscle tension. In order to conserve energy and be able to function even a little bit I have to keep my muscles relaxed at all times. I have to eliminate all critical/judgemental thinking. Illness can be a great incentive for improvement. 💐🙏
This was quite effective. I have an energy illness. Ayurveda describes this condition as being a depletion of Ojas, the vital energy. Hopefully this meditation will help a little.
Magnetic Force
Hilary demonstrates how powerful our mind is through a simple exercise. While doing the exercise, I was impressed at what I was feeling. Parts of my body began to pulsate and I actually felt a magnetic force beginning to get stronger and stronger! By the end of this meditation, I am at awe at how energized I feel! My mind is clear and my body is grounded. I am grateful to be alive! I am now a firm believer in where attention goes, energy flows! I recommend everyone to give this meditation a listen! Namaste! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Magnetic Force
Hilary guides us during this session to focus on our hands. Sitting upright, eyes closed, with my hands in front of me, palms facing one another... I could feel this magnetic energy of my hands wanting to clasp together. After a few times of bringing my hands together and apart, I felt this energy getting lighter. This session is a good reminder that we have the power to choose what we focus our attention on. Where attention goes, energy flows.
Lately with everything that’s been going on I’ve noticed that my attention has been on the negative. This meditation to really allow me to be aware of the fact that I am putting energy into that. I am more aware of my energy after this meditation.
Where Attention Goes, Energy flows
I felt the energy, the magnetic feeling resonating between my palms. I felt it stretch with my hands further apart and then more compact with my hands closer together until I created a ball of energy that I slowly allowed my hands to feel it’s roundness and before putting my hands down, as guided, I brought that energy to my heart chakra. I am learning so much.