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When You Change Everything Must Change

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Life Coaching
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Daniel Roquéo
Spiritual Teacher and Healer
Along the path of awakening, we continuously allow for greater and grander expressions of who and what we are to emerge. And as there is only Divine order in the cosmos, whenever we change, the whole Universe rises up to meet us at that new and higher vibration. In other words, whenever we change everything must change. This can sometimes be experienced as very turbulent and challenging as old structures begin to crumble, and old doors will begin to close. But in truth, all of turbulence and crumbling are beautiful demonstrations of the inner changes that we have gone through. And so rather than be cursed, they are to be cherished and appreciated.
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2 reflections
With awakening comes change. I learned that we need to expect changes of all kinds. Such as letting go of that which no longer serves us. I've already experienced that and I'm sure I will again as I evolve into my true inner self. As I connect to the universe. As I live at a higher vibration. This was very informative. Thank you. 🙏
The Light
Awakening is such a beautiful part of life but can be so scary. I reflect on your words and what happened to me was almost overwhelming fear, guilt, anger as I realized how much time of my life I spent on things which did not serve me. Once you realize that you want that peace to begin and you want it to happen as soon as possible, anxiety can kick in and you stay in this place of low vibration. Stepping back and realizing it will come with time. That I still have time to live in this place of peace and that one day I too will fly freely like the butterfly . Thank you for this lesson 🙏🏻 It’s as if you have been in the night for so long but need to trust the sun will shine again ❤️ And it is 💕
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