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When Mind and Soul Are in Unison

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Dave Pamah
Life, Health and Fitness Coach
We all face many challenges in the course of a lifetime, and very often we don’t feel up to the task. And when we’re faced with a daunting task, a major problem in our life, where do we look for inspiration, where do we feel the answer lies?
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My only point of reference
I have zero point of reference for the golf game the practitioner describes in this track, having never played more than putt-putt mini-golf, but Caddyshack is one if my all-time favorite comedy films! Perhaps unsurprising that this song was bouncing around in my head throughout the lesson this evening!🤣
I learned that sometimes we just are looking in the wrong direction and we are human and make mistakes
Love Dave
We are all facing the wrong direction at times. The fact that like Dave we figure it out is the key. Looking at things in a different perspective can help to change the direction, give us hope, and help us to reach our goal or complete a task. I love this piece so much because it reminds me that you can’t set yourself up for failure but assuming things are impossible. Hit the ball. You’ll land on the green with practice and truth.
Walter J
Several good points in this little story all based on the importance of living from the Truth. + must be able to see your target before you can hope to hit it .+ must mentally see the win before you can experience it. + cannot move ahead by always looking behind + where Focus goes, Energy flows - he kept focusing on the size of the lake instead of the green + we overcome our past not by trying to figure out where we went wrong & hoping to fix it, but by holding the situation up to the Light of the Truth and making good Choices from this point forward. + learn the Truth, live from the Truth & the Truth can set you free! Truth on my friends... Namaste, ❤️⚖️🍀
Mind and Body
Good meditation. It felt good to sit back and really listen. Clear my head. Thanks.
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