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When Life Doesn't Go As Planned

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Life Coaching
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Robin Wisner
Life coach, wellness mentor
When life doesn't go as planned, it can lead to disappointment, fear, anger, sadness, or a range of emotions. You may find yourself clinging defiantly to the way that things "should" have been. This inner conflict between what is and what should have been can keep you emotionally stuck. Releasing the "ideal" you've created allows space for both to coexist and ultimately bring acceptance and peace.
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Let it go
I can’t control everything but I can control how I react to things. I got this!
When life doesn't go as plan
Look for my you thought it should go that way! That is just your thoughts and then give yourself time to let that go and return to what is
I had plans today...
Prepped last night for a morning walk. I tried 45mins to get out the door. Didn't make it before it got too hot. But it was just a nice thought until I did it. I got upset & needed the reminded life's just that way.
Life plans
I do tend to get anxious or upset when I have plans and they go another way. Especially when it comes to a relationship with someone.
When life doesn't go as planned
Expectations are the devil's tool. Right now I am dealing with them big time. Our life planning takes of out of the present moment. We lose most of the joy in life and experience sorrow and grief. We feel pain but we lose the daily joy.
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