I definitely use old habits.
In the past I have acquired unhealthy habits as a means for coping. I am habitually too hard on myself (in every situation). I constantly strive for perfection in every facet possible. Over time this habit has contributed to my increasing anxiety in life and had resulted in me losing some of the joy I had doing certain things (ie: cooking). I am always my own hardest critics and my own worst enemy. I habitually have issues being vulnerable with my feelings. I always keep a distance even from those I am closest with. I even try to lie to myself about vulnerable feelings. I have trouble opening up about feelings like love, depression, failure, pain, hurt… I always put on a strong facade and push thru and brush off “sensitive” feelings instead of embracing them and dealing with them head on. Overall this habit is hurting my relationships. Alcohol for coping Expressing anger instead of pain/overwhelm