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Welcome A Brand New Day

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Self Love Expert, Mentor, Sound Healer
Start your day by awakening your inner joy. Feel abundant, positive, and ready to start your day with a positive outlook and a great mindset. With "I AM" affirmations and visualizations, a powerful way to kick start your day most abundant way.
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Starting my Day
I found myself very emotional with this start to my day. I’m on a journey to learn to love myself again. This meditation hit me in a way I can’t explain. I am resilient, I am amazing, I am beautiful ❤️
A new Day
I am safe I am loved I am powerful I am grateful for one more day.
A brand new day!
I am strong. I am resilient. I am loved. I am limitless. I am special. I am happy. I am excited and ready for what this day may bring. Most of all, I am happy just to be alive and breathing. Choose to have a happy day today everyone! I am! 🌞
New Day
Thank you God for the gift of this brand new day. For my health, the sunshine, and all the blessings in my life. Breathing in love and breathing out love, my heart is full of love and compassion for myself as well as all others I come in contact with today. It is going to be a beautiful day!
First morning meditation
I felt at peace during the first morning meditation. It really set me up for the day
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