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Web of Awareness

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Deanna Burkett, MA, MS
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
This meditation is inspired by a spider web simile used by Ajahn Chah, a Thai Forest meditation master, and is meant to help foster creativity and experimentation with the internal meditation stance. I hope it helps with developing a lighter and more comfortable observational position in the mind. Happy experimenting! See the Ajahn Chah quote here:
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11 reflections
I need these moments
And the reason I need them so badly is to replicate them in other times of need during the day. The life's we live now bring so much stress and distractions that just settling down and feeling calm almost becomes and impossible task.
My body is a projection of my awareness
And as such, I can transform it. My self as a spider lightly posed on the web of my body... I can see my matter as a network made of pulsing lights!
Awareness of Self
It is so nice to have moments to myself, even for 7 minutes, also as a spider... These moments are very few and far between. I am so grateful for Aura :)
Make the time
Taking a few minutes each day can make a lifetime of difference.
Being Mindful of yourself from the inside out
Being aware that it’s ok to be still and limber enough to take time to feel your energy flowing in and through out your body.
I️ need to take a step back and remember others perspectives. Struggle is a universal feeling and just because I️ am struggling does not mean others need to due to my emotions. Be patient, be kind, be respectful. Struggles and challenges are good and helpful but know when to take a step back for yourself and for others.
All Life Is Connected..
This reminded me of the Native American folk tale about Grandmother Spider and how we are all connected through the Universe by her spiderweb of consciousness. Meditating brings that awareness to the forefront and helps us continue down our path towards enlightenment. Namaste 🙏🏻
Sunny Thursday 11-16-17
I really liked this meditation because she took you to a place where you could drift off and feel your body in tuned with what she is saying. Thank you. Have a nice day, Everyone!
Web of awareness
Although I don’t particularly like spiders the image of the web was powerful. I felt the buoyancy of the web supporting me. Like a spider uses the web to sense what is going on in his world, I used it to help me sense what is going on in my body, my world. It was very thought provoking to imagine myself suspended on my own web of life.
Web of awareness.
I am concentrating a little better. Pulling my mind back to focus on the voice. My mind constantly wanders so this is great! Even tried to be the spider in-the web, with the web acting like a blanket.
Web of awareness
Great softening meditation. Reminded me of the sensation during the only night dive I did in Gloucester Ma in a cove with a group of friends. Glowing luminescent bio material. Perfect buoyancy, shut off our lights and just floated in perfect suspension. Imagine it would be similar to floating in space. I reconnected with that memory this morning. Thank you.
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