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We need to protect our consciousness

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Daniel Roquéo
Transformational Coach; Mind, Body, Life
As we move along the path of awakening and freedom, as we allow our consciousness to expand and our vibration to be raised, we are wise to be very conscious about protecting our consciousness so that we are not pulled down to the lower vibrations of fear, worry, and doubt that is running amuck in the world. In other words, we are wise to use discernment as to who we share our insights and revelations with, and even who we choose to hang out with, so that we may integrate and embody our expansion.
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Abundance is everywhere
A real mystery to be accepted and lived, while also all around us so many are lacking. Namaste
For perhaps 5 years I allowed a few people to mock me for my beliefs. But I recently relocated and the weariness I felt is beginning to lift so I feel tickles of joy and excitement from the freedom I now have. I have loving family close by and will begin to look for like minded persons. I am so incredibly blessed!
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