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Watching Over You (Sleep Visualization)

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Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Too many nights you spend lying in bed wondering "why can’t I just fall asleep?" Before and after that every thought, you are bombarded with never-ending thoughts about, well...everything. Here’s a visualization you can do as a bedtime meditation, whenever your thoughts prevent you from falling asleep. The 7-minute version is a guided visualization. Head over to to learn more about Marisa's philosophy. You may also enjoy her podcast called "The Foundation of Wellness" which is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher.
From the community
3 reflections
I really like this new meditation. Since the hurricane and flooding, I have had great difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. Too much going on in my busy mind. Using this method and visualizing myself from above makes great sense to me. I believe it could be most beneficial and helpful to me at this time. I listened to it this morning and will practice it tonight.
So calming
One of the most beautiful meditation I’ve ever heard and I think this practice will help me a lot with my sleeping issues ❤️
jess 🧡
sleep improvement
i really liked this meditation and i will definitely be trying this technique of looking at yourself from above next time i try to fall asleep. kinda reminded me of the show ‘behind her eyes’ on netflix. if you haven’t already watched it, go watch!!