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Wake Up With Zest - Fresh Morning Start

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Soul-Work Hypnotist
Today is ripe! Morning affirmations to get your day started with zest in just 180 seconds. Good morning!
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10 reflections
I loved this so much! I needed to hear every word right at this moment. Thank you for reminding me that today is a good day
Imagine a day where you wake up with a faith that everything is working out for your highest good, where you wake up grateful for every moment. In this short, but powerful session, we are given these words of wisdom and more that remind us of our power. I have come to realize that life is around 5% of what happens and around 95% of how we relate to what happens. It’s all about how we choose to respond to what happens. We can either be a victim of our circumstances or we can see beyond our circumstances and make the best of each day. I choose the latter. I choose to play with this day I am given. Playing, I remember not to take life so seriously. Playing, I remember to approach each moment with curiosity and kindness. Playing, I am open to receive the lessons presented to me in each moment. Might you decide to play with your day today! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Mary Wetterstroem
A Good Day
Even though I couldn’t embrace everything 100% it made me feel hopeful that I am on my way to new thought patterns.
A good day (zest)
Mornings are difficult for me in general. I’m very slow to wake up and gear up. I like the message of this, and will try it again.
Walter J
Love this session! I already say much of this in my daily Affirmations & believe it has helped me, so I will be adding the brilliant idea of “seeing” every day as a Ripe day, expecting to be harvested by some Lucky person! I am Imagining full, luscious, plump fruit ready & waiting for me to gather, experience and enjoy!! Like everything else, my Creator put it there for my long term good and I am very Grateful for it all. Visualizing each day as “Ripe” will add a little more Zest to reading my daily affirmations, which lead to having more Zest in my life to share with others. Thanks for the marvelous idea!! Walter J - TLMA ❤️🍇🍑🫐🍀
Zest! 🍊
I feel great! I'm full of excited energy. I'm happy! I'm alert. I'm ready to have a fabulous day!!
More affirmations
I have them around me. Yet I don’t actually say them into existence. I think saying them out loud for myself is something that would resonate much better
Intentional, focusing on positive words is powerful . I find your words and voice uplifting. 
Wake up with zest
I noticed how easily a person can open themselves into a new day, and set an intention. Gently. Clearly, easily.
A perfect start
I love this particular meditation, it really sets me up well for the day, it’s so positive and full of energy, thanks Mariah!
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