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Wake up practice-Setting right intention

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist
After reading comments from the audience I've created the new longer wake up practice. Hope this will help you to set right intention and to have a great start to your day, everyday.
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24 reflections
Walking on Sunshine
This is a excellent meditation to begin our day with! In this wonderful meditation, Nitima has us glow with energizing and healing energy from the outside in. As I woke up this glorious morning, I visualized the sun’s golden light surround and warm my skin on this body of mine, from the crown of my head to the tips of my toes. Being surrounded by this golden light, I became relaxed. With each new breath, this golden light began to penetrate my entire Being, seeping into every cell, every fiber with energizing and healing energy, leaving me feeling energized and refreshed. What an incredible experience! After being showered with energizing and healing energy, I put my hand over my heart center and began to feed my soul by repeating Nitima’s affirmations. After repeating her affirmations, I placed my hands on opposite shoulders. Essentially giving myself a hug, I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face! I am filled with gratitude for having the ability to breathe, for having the ability to move this body of mine and for having another day to share kindness to others. I am glowing so brightly with this amazing energy that I feel as if I am walking on sunshine! Thank you for another great meditation, Nitima! Namaste 🌞🙏🏻❤️☮️
Good Morning ☀️
I visualize sitting outside feeling the warm sun on my face. The sun’s golden rays are providing warmth and radiating energy into my body. As this energy continues to spread through out I can feel myself waking up to this brand new day. Then I focus on setting my intention for the day. My intention for the day will be to respond to others including myself with love and kindness. My word for the day is love. This is a wonderful meditation to begin the day with. Thank you Cherish for your reflection which lead me to listening to this one! May our day be filled with peace, ease, love, and gratitude.🙏❤️🌞
I learned that it’s important to start our day with a quiet session like this. Just a simple voice guiding us to slow down, be intentional and love ourselves and those around us.
I felt like i wasn’t guilty...
neither everyone around me, life has its para wich we can’t control
Walter J
🌅 I woke up to a beautiful morning! I could hear the birds chirping outside, louder than normal, to welcome the new day. Then I realize it is because I left my windows open all night. That is good I think, then it must be getting warm enough outside to do so. Just then, the cool morning breeze makes it way over to me allowing me to fill my lungs with fresh air Energy. I breathe Life in, extra deep and slowly thru my nose... and exhale the final remains of last night Ahhhhh.... then I push ‘play’. Nitima does an excellent job of waking us up in a soft, positive way, quickly healing & energizing our bodies and then setting intentions for a great day... all in 5 minutes. Fantastic morning session! I follow her lead & begin scanning & encouraging all my body parts to finish healing themselves and make ready for a productive, high energy day! Breathing deep, a feeling of gratitude starts to grow inside me. I am thankful for a restful night sleep on my bed. For my covers that kept me warm from the cool night air. For the cool night air that cleansed my lungs. For my lungs that cleansed my body. For my body that cleansed my brain. For my brain that cleanses my world... All is truly One and this one is all I have and need. I am grateful I have made it through the night and have yet another day to make a difference in the world. I only have THIS day, as far as I know, so I am Intending to make the best use of it! Time to get up, stretch & fill out my planner. Thanks Nitima for getting me up on the “right” side of the bed this morning! I Hope everyone chooses to make this the an Incredible day!! After all, that is how we create an incredible world... One incredible person at a time! Please join me & have an incredible day! Happy Monday World!! ❤️🌅🍀
Waking up practice.
I am not a morning person. But this meditation is a relaxing and calm way to start my day. I've learnt to look at my morning routine differently in a more positive way. Namaste x
Letting go of Yesterday
I get frustrated with myself when I’m. It as productive at work as I’d like to be. Accepting that yesterday happened and letting it go takes such a huge weight off my shoulders.
A nice, warm and gentle way to start the day.... I’m smiling😊
This meditation gave me clear visualization which is important to me healing process.
Setting an intention for the day that will benefit me and those around me. Bring positive happy light to all my encounters and brighten others’ day.
A caring way to start your day
Setting my intention after feeling that light and energy throughout and beyond my body, and then having that intention reaffirmed with the affirmations is just what I needed this am. Thank you and Namaste.
Need to focus...
I noticed that my attention was wandering a bit. I kept expecting my alarm to go off for work! Outside of that, this is a wonderful way to begin the work week. 🥰
Healing Light
I noticed that I smiled when the healing light not only healed me but others. Taking care of myself is taking care of others. ❤️
Have a very good day me
I love the ending of this practice it gives me hope that I will have a better day.
Start of day process
Be open to allowing yourself to visualize the light entering your entire body. In doing so you become your own source of happiness. You can then shine internally and externally as a vibrant person
Good morning
While I’ve already been awake for a couple of hours and at the gym for fasted cardio, I did enjoy this. It brought a smile to my face and I let in the light from the sun as it rose.
Good wake-up. I invite you to consider intentions as present affirmations rather than prospective or requests. In other words, “I am at ease,” rather than “May I be at ease,” which not only looks to the future but is almost a prayer. Prayer is great, but affirmations work better for me in the present tense. Otherwise, I get pushback: “That’s right: here are a few of the reasons you’re not at ease (or don’t deserve to be!)”
Rain sounds
I normally love rain sounds during a guided meditation, but today it is brilliantly sunny outside so they didn’t quite make sense.
Hugged Myself ❤️
Hugging myself toward the end was a very powerful action. Often I forget my own needs but today I cared for myself first and it felt like my spirit drank the most delicious water in the form of a hug 🤗
Self care
I got emotional at the end of this practice… me letting go of stress? Anxiety? It was very powerful…
Goeiemorgen ✌️☺️ 🇳🇱🧡🇺🇸
Good morning all. self care is very important throughout the day, but starting the day with a practice like this is even better ☺️
Healing and caring is my job unfortunately I so many times forget myself. I want to be completely present for my patients but today I have learned I must be completely present for myself first. Thank you!
Setting my morning intentions
This meditation really spoke to me this morning. I could feel the light and energy traveling all through my body. It’s such meaningful practice to be able to set my intention for the day right after waking up. Really helps start my day from a place of gratitude
Another reminder for myself - to intend as I start my day. I learned I can determine how I can proceed from the first moments of this day. I intend to be happy.