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Untangling Your Thoughts

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WITHIN Meditation
Meditation Teacher
(Guided by WITHIN Cofounder Hannah Knapp) Labeling your thoughts is a powerful way to release yourself from overwhelm and anxiety. Try this simple practice to develop your meditation muscle.
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8 reflections
Naming your thoughts
I really like the idea of giving a name to the thoughts you are having and saying goodbye to that type of thinking and returning to breath.
Untangling Your Thoughts
I loved this meditation! Thank you for helping to be mindful during meditating. Yes my mind does wonder just about always so I have much to learn...Learning....Planning....Judgement....BREATHING 🙏🏻
Let it Go
Being mindful isn’t just about focusing on the present moment, it’s also about recognizing your thoughts or memories that may arise and then letting them go. The same is true for emotions- recognize them, and in doing so- accept them and then let them go. This was exactly the meditation that I needed to hear tonight.
In this moment
I recognized I’m continually thinking and not ever in the actual moment.. not ever focused on what I’m physically going. This session helped with dialing in and focus on breathing when my thoughts begin to wander. “Breath”.. 🥰
Kristen 🧘🏻‍♀️
Short & Sweet
Happy New Year to all! Wishing everyone peace in the new year. ☮️
Walter J
Did the short 3 min session and it was helpful to remind us to simply label a thought and release it while meditating. Then refocus on the breathe. I also liked the idea of becoming more curious about the Now that is always with us. Imagine having a child-like curiosity & enjoying the innocent, non-judgements wonder that comes with new discoveries every moment of every day... How fun would life become again?!? Simple, Child-like Faith in the Benevolence & Awesomeness of the Universe!! ❤️👼🏻🍀
Untangling your thoughts
I noticed that my thoughts are swinging between concerns about my posture and wondering if it's ok to be focused on myself in the midst of political chaos. I guess both of those could be labeled as worry...?
I'm untangled
Your meditation allowed me to slow down. To just breathe and not let my thoughts take over. I know we are supposed to acknowledge our thoughts for what they are. As you said, they can hinder our attempts at being present. The past is the past. I learned that no matter how many thoughts are rolling around in my head, they can be untangled. And I learned how. Thank you.
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