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Two Wolves

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
This tale of unknown origin describes two wolves within a warrior that are in constant battle. Is it possible you have two wolves within you?
From the community
11 reflections
Which one to feed?
The one who is fed the most will have the power. Sometimes I don’t know which one to feed. I like to think that my serene wolf is all powerful and wise. He keeps me balanced and centered, loving and compassionate. My angry wolf, full of hostility and frustration, creeps out from behind and seems to overtake serene wolf, biting and growling to win. It’s scary, but he must do that for his own peace of mind. Of course it’s obvious who gets fed the most, who has the most to gain; but angry wolf must be allowed scraps enough to gentle his anger and pain.
Battle of the wolves
Each person has two wolves to themselves. One wolf that is kind and compassionate and the other is of hostility and anger. We must feed one that we choose to follow but still giving small pieces of food here and there just to ease his conscious.
Loving kindness to ourselves
This great short story is about loving and accepting all parts and emotions of ourselves.
Did not resonate
I did not feel any connection to this story. Maybe I'm just not fathoming the concept? The only conflict I feel inside myself is neither wild nor feral. It's far more subtle and human.
Kristoffer B.
All Human
I learned that, even though there’s a battle going on inside of us, its ultimately our choice, which wolf to feed. We are in charge of the wolves, but it never hurts to get another perspective into the picture, as they can see clearly, which wolf has been fed the most.
Battle within ourselves
I felt like this really shows that we can’t let one or the the other. Hate or love take over because if we do we lose certain feelings that help us be human and ourselves and it’s ok to have off days because we are human and that shows our humanity.
It kind of explained my story and struggle I’m going with. Because I deal with bullies, and this helped me get through.
Two wolves
This is my first time using the story part of aura. This was an amazing story. It helped me to understand that anger and frustration are a necessary part of life as long as you don’t let it consume you. You must chose which wolf to feed and which wolf will be shown but you can not have one without the other.
Two wolves inside, one positive, one negative, battling. Equal power and strength, whichever one you feed the most is the one that will win.
I felt relaxed and momentarily peaceful by the end of the story.
I’d like to learn tips for feeding my compassionate wolf. I feel fear that my mind is too often- spent feeding my defensive, jealous and angry wolf.
Try One
I felt that’s this was calming and got my mind off of school for a while.