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Tuning into Sitting

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
This 3 minute-mindfulness practice invites you to tune into your body just as it is in this very moment. Awakening to all your senses and noticing your environment. 
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Tuning in
It does help keep the mind occupied by paying attention to your breathing, sensations, sounds, temperature, etc. My mind still wandered but, I brought it back to the experience of the present moment.
Here and now
I was glad to be reminded to be careful not to turn a sound into a story. Sure enough, my mind was off on and running, so I gently pulled it back and began focusing on what I was ‘seeing’ behind closed eyes- that always fascinates me. Namaste
No stories
Interestingly, when I was led to hear the sounds going on around me, I didn’t realize it, but I had started making a story about those sounds. Just then, the words, “be careful not to make a story about them…“ came. How ironic! Nice catch!
Tuning into sitting
Notice and feel surroundings. Notice changes in what's around.
Learned to recognize sounds without making a story about them. Just let them be.
i felt relieved
there is so much less on my mind by thinking of what’s around me but not worrying
Estamos sempre criando narrativas entre nós e as experiências isso nos impede de seguir vivendo o momento seguinte como ele é
Turning into sitting
Being mindful in the “small” things allows more awareness into all areas of my life. Today it is my intention to move more slowly being aware of of sensations and sounds with grateful ♥️ I’m alive!
Let it be
Not turning sounds into a story or beginning a train of thought. Just let things around me be. Just as they are and not how I wish them to be.
Por algún motivo, me encuentro bastante acelerado. No estoy seguro si esto se deba a mis últimos días o al hecho de que naturalmente aou demasiado ansioso.
Tuning into sitting
I had a feeling of really being able to take mindfulness with my through out my day. During the meditation I noticed so much.
More awareness
I noticed through this meditation I’m more aware of the tensions in my body and after finishing this meditation how it feels more relaxed and refreshing
Thought provoking
I’ve literally been sitting at work during my night shift for 8 hours. I have 4 more to go. My employer does not allow breaks to even get fresh air outside for 5 min. Unfortunately the state law does not require employers to provide breaks. Working in such an unhealthy toxic environment has turned my anger into motivation to look for a healthier environment where I am appreciated and encouraged to thrive and grow.
Notice the now
First off I think this meditation would probably be better in the morning or the middle of the day. I usually do my meditations at night before I go to bed. It would be nice if they could put a recommended time on these mindfulness exercises because some of them specifically say they’re for certain times of day and others just kind of seem that way by the way they’re phrased. Now on to this specific meditation... I found this very useful. I think it is important to stop and take three minutes to check in to how your body feels and what is going on around you. Going through all the senses and just checking in is very important and I will definitely do this again if I can figure out how to do that.
God has brought me a very long way in just a short time!!! I feel great and I'm sooooo grateful to God!!!!
I usually do my meditations sitting on my couch with my legs crossed. The awareness of what senses were being enhanced by meditation was amazing. I will take this practice into my day.
I really enjoyed this meditation. I felt deep peace, feeling my dog lying beside me, and the sofa I was sitting on. Lovely yx
Sitting metidation
It was my first sitting meditation. I was running from them, but it feels really relaxing... really connecting
This meditation was just what I needed; a simple way to ease into the day after a few rather busy days. It helped awaken my senses. If you are feeling a bit tired and are looking for an easy way to begin your day, this might be the answer.
Cyndee 🌊
Smiling and motivated...
I noticed I was smiling at the end at this meditation. It was a very light and easy experience that left ME feeling light and easy. Now I feel motivated to get going and enjoy what’s left of the day. I sometimes just hang out at home a little too long and missed out and the sunshine 🌞 I should have listen to this at least an hour ago!
I really liked it. I noticed that it was very peaceful, and calming.
I felt the bottom of my seat and the floor beneath my feet. It was difficult to not make a story
I learned to focus on feelings to clear my mind. It was difficult at first but then became easier
Tuning in
I used to be the most unfocused person due to me having add but I learned from meditation how to channel and focus my mental and physical self on whatever thing I’m working on
Walter J
The hard surface under me and the smooth fabric of the cushion against my back were the first things I noticed. Followed by the softness of the carpet under my bare feet, the humm of my aging computer tower (oops - almost got off on a story line there - right as she reminds me to NOT let my brain make up any stories) I clearly hear some traffic in the distance as I feel cool air coming thru the open window to supply me with new life. My face feels prickily as the water I slashed on it, right before starting, begins to evaporate in the slight breeze. I feel strong just sitting & breathing & being... I am ... Namaste my friends. ❤️☮️🍀
It was nice to take a pause and notice how I was feeling inside and listen to the sounds outside come and go. I liked tuning into sensations of the body, temperature, touch and smell.
It was interesting to listen and to notice the sounds around me without creating a story and just letting the noises go by. It was hard but it helped me regain focus into the meditation.
I think I found what I came looking for. I no longer feel the same with him. Even his pleasure feels different within my body. Yes! I am in my period. But it has nothing to do with this. I just think we have changed, or maybe we did not. Have the feeling I created a story that I invented myself and so, I believed it was our story. I realize now it might have been a story I created all the way and now it is so clear to me this is the beginning of the end. I don’t know how to tell him. What am I going to say? I’m in love with you but you are clearly in love with me? If feels like I can’t breathe every time I imagine my life without you?