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Trauma of Betrayal

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Dawn-Elise Snipes
Clinical Psychotherapist
Effects of Betrayal » Betrayal is an emotional assault that causes the loss of trust, the loss of the relationship you thought you had and a need to reconsider your assumptions about your safety, people, and the world. » These losses need to be grieved » It affects all aspects of you - Physical - Affective/Emotional - Cognitive - Environmental - Relational / Interpersonal
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4 reflections
I needed this
I needed to be reminded of this. I forget to forgive myself for being tired and not sleeping and not eating enough.
Sinking in
I have to remember all of this. These symptoms are normal and I am normal.
Fantastic session. I learned a lot about how our bodies react to betrayal. Our fight or flight response is activated by betrayal. What follows is like a domino effect. I never knew the depth of exactly what happens to us physically due to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This was really good. Thank you.
I’m almost speechless after listening…
What an amazing podcast! This opened my eyes more to how we can help ourselves and help others cope with betrayal and move forward when we feel like we can’t or feel like we don’t have enough mental and physical energy to do so. I’m going to start practicing these methods right away and hope to help some of my loved ones with it as well. I’m very much into the physiology of the human body, especially how the mind works, so this podcast is now one of my favorites. Downloaded 😁 Thank you so much!