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Transforming the US social safety net | Amanda Renteria | TED Tech

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Digital public servant Amanda Renteria has seen that the millions of people who rely on government welfare services are often discouraged from seeking them out, frustrated by long lines and unnecessarily complicated processes. At Code for America, a project supported by The Audacious Project, Renteria is helping develop human-centered technology that "respects you from the start, meets you where you are and provides an easy, positive experience." She details the four factors that hinder effective delivery of government benefits and explains Code for America's plan to bring user-centric, digital-first social services to more than 13 million Americans and unlock 30 billion dollars in benefits for low-income families. After the talk, TED Tech host Sherrell Dorsey and co-founder of Promise, Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins. highlight the importance of tech that's designed for the people it's helping. If you'd like to hear more ideas on how tech is transforming humanity, follow TED Tech wherever you're listening to this.