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Transcending the Ego

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Daniel Roquéo
Spiritual Teacher and Healer
The ego is one of the major stumbling blocks on our way to freedom, peace, love, abundance, and awakening. This is so simply because, in its efforts to keep us safe, the ego does not want us to grow, unfold or expand. And so, with every means possible, the ego seeks to keep us right where we are. In other words, finding a way to transcend the ego is vital. I invite you to join me as we explore this very powerful yet simple (please don't confuse it with easy), a technique to do just that.
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The Ego
I learned ways to get the ego put of my way. Not easy, but I'm willing to work hard to do it! My ego feels the need to explain myself to others. Or to state why I'm right. Or to tell others what they're doing wrong. Or pushing my opinions on them. Rather than pausing, using what I've learned, and being who I want to be. The ego is pushy and bossy! Butting in. Just when I feel I have things where I want them in my inner self, sometimes the ego is reacting before I even realize it. It happened to me last night. I'm feeling guilt, frustration, and am disappointed in my words and attitude. I was triggered and just sailed right into the ego trap.
Ego not a battle field
Fighting denying parrying attacking I could breathe and replace that ego built world with basically empty ness.
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