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Today Is A Great Day Affirmations

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Hayley Zammit
Meditation Guide and Spiritual Teacher
A great morning affirmation track to start your morning off positive and in a great mood. There are 10 affirmations repeated twice. You can just listen or repeat after me, speaking your positive intentions out loud. Feel into them, believe in them and know them, and have a great day!
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Morning affirmations
I really liked that short affirmations to start the day. It’s a really great way to start the day with positivity and gratitude. I find affirmations really help me with meditation.
I wonder what today will bring…
To look forward to the day ahead and be grateful for all it has in store. Namaste
It a better morning
I learned that I can get through some difficult times by addressing positive thinking, reminding myself I’ve been here and made it and breathing
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