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Three Powerful Questions To Ask

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Daniel Roquéo
Spiritual Teacher
Whenever we are faced with a challenge, we are also faced with a choice. We can either choose to take on the role of the victim, complaining and bemoaning our ill fate. Or seek to mine the challenge for the good that inherently is within each and every single challenge. To allow for the latter, we are wise to lean into these powerful questions to make us open and available to catch the gift and the blessing of transformation to reveal itself so that we may grow through our challenges with ease and grace.
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These are very simple, yet powerful and universal. They can be applied in any challenge to bring our minds to how to ‘catch’ a positive outcome , and use the situation for growth.
Crossing Over
I have learned there is a line to cross; I can be on the victim side or I can stand in the trusting light in harmony with the universe. It’s easy to go straight to “why is this happening to me?” The challenge lies with asking one of these questions and being in a place of trust that the answers will come…releasing it to the universe so our vibration stays high and steady; letting it go. I have walked the line of the victim for far too many years. Crossing over and walking the line of expansion, of growth, following all the Beautiful lessons to be had, has much more freedom in it 🙏🏻💕 Thank you for these questions, all is well.
Powerful Questions
Really powerful questions that will transform our mindset and inspirational for a change
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