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Thoughts are Like the waves

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist
Our minds are like ocean, busy on the surface with waves but if we train and tame our mind can be like bottle of the ocean still and spacious. 
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Mind like Ocean
I can let the waves/triggers of my anxiety come and go, notice and let go. Not getting caught up in them as tasks, just waves that don’t last.
Bottom of the ocean
I used to feel like I was always drowning in my anxiety. This gave a very different perceptive at looking at it! That it’s actually calm at the bottom of the sea and it’s when we try to fight and struggle at the surface it can be too much to handle all the time, so it’s okay to just let go and peacefully sink into the calm and stillness in the deep ocean.
Kinsley B.
Mind like an Ocean
I loved the session so much! It really helped me to calm down and let go of all my thoughts.
I really liked the idea that, just like in nature, there’s a balance for everything.
Following the example of the waves. Regardless of how small or big they are, they come and go. They never stay. Something similar happens to our emotions. No matter if that’s a one big wave or a lot of small ones. We have to let them go.
Walter J
I allowed Nitima to transport me back to a beautiful sandy beach in Florida where we rented a house for a week, right on the beach for my sons wedding. Great memories of the fun we had on the sand and in the waves. This session reminded me of when we were body surfing... Standing offshore in waist to chest high water waiting for the perfect wave to come so you could ride it into shore. There was always another wave coming so you could be picky as to which one you wanted. Some crested too soon and would not take you far but would pound you as it broke, so you wanted to go under water and let them roll past you. Others were just swells and did not crest until too close to the shore, so you just bobbed up & down on them as they passed because it was too early to really ride them at all. Then there were those perfect waves... you saw it, timed it and jumped in front of it and rode it in toward the shore... Yessss!!! Good one! As fun as that was, if you did not get up quick enough, another wave was coming to crash on top of you! So Nitima is right on saying thoughts are like waves. It is impossible to ride each one, there are too many. So maybe we should observe them all and adjust accordingly. We may need to duck under some and let them pass by. We may need to just bob up & down with some as they pass since they are not the right one at this time. But if you are patient and vigilant you will spot a good one and choose to become one with it and have a nice ride! This is similar to life and I kinda hesitate to say it, but you are going to get some water up your nose and probably some uncomfortable sand in your bathing suit. There are always negatives to every positive. I say it is a small price to pay for having a blast and ... it is only temporary. So make it worth it by having the best time possible. Why not Choose your best thoughts (of Love, Peace, Joy & Happiness) and ride them for for all your worth. Cowabunga!! ❤️🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🏄🏻‍♂️🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🍀
Thoughts like waves
Y mind races and I make up many extravagant stories in my head. Highly imaginative!
i feel relized its like my bodys floting im relaxed ,comfortable better thank you♡︎
I felt peaceful sitting on the sandy ocean floor and letting my stress be far above me.
I learned that you can float and ride through the swells of your feelings.
My body and mind are much more relaxed and grounded. I was able to breathe more deeply and more fully. I oftentimes do not breathe as deeply as I should, and I wonder if it is because of the trauma I endured at birth. However, I know that needs to change. I feel much more at ease now. I underestimate the power of short meditations.
Thoughts are like the waves
I am much calmer and more peaceful. It’s important to let go of your thoughts and emotions if only for a short time.
My thoughts are like waves.
I noticed that this seems very true to my view of my emotional life, and similar to the leaves on a stream exercise, this helped me objectively look at my emotions as things that are a part of me, but I can view objectively as I passing ephemera. Even when the waves are huge. We must be at the same time wholly immersed yet non attached to our emotions. The yin and the yang, I suppose
Thoughts are okay
Thoughts, of all sorts are normal, just like waves. It’s okay to have them. Worrying about thinking too much and trying to push the thoughts away causes more tension. I’ve heard how one is supposed to let the thought go, and can understand it from a logical standpoint...but the wave/ocean analogy really helped me realize it from a deeper perspective.
I was able to be still and calmer after going for a walk. I think it helped my physical body be less figity.
Thoughts and Waves
I learned that thoughts are very similar to waves in the way that they come in all sizes and they never last forever.
For too long I have believed my thoughts were me. They are not. As this practice says, it’s important to be able to let them come and go - to not dwell on them, to not linger on them. There is a calm self in there.
Allow Yourself to Flow Like Waves
Thoughts may be big or little but too many. If we allow ourselves to flow like waves, we will not get stuck on one wave.
Annfal Berhan
The wave
I learned that problem keep coming but then they'll go away. But don't follow the wave than you will be lost
Don't hold onto the waves, let them come and go.
and them go. Don't follow them. Allow the allow them to flow.
I love the ocean, waves, calm quiet and tranquil feeling under water. This meditation is calming for me. Learning how to ride the wave or let it pass instead of trying to catch it and fix it🙄
❤️ Oh yes! This ocean waves meditation is extremely soothing. I even turned on the ocean waves sound in the background. I favorites and download this meditation 🧘‍♀️
Just like waves flowing on the surface of the ocean, the surface of our mind is flowing with thoughts. But, when we dive deeper, we realize something much more profound that exists, a peaceful calm. In this meditation, we practice diving deep within the realm of our heart and mind to experience this inner calm and then make the intention to ride the waves of our thoughts rather than drowning in them. Visualizing myself walking along a shore, I felt the grainy sand below the soles of my feet. As a slight breeze flew through my hair, I became memorized by the sights and sounds of the waves gently flowing into the shore. Synchronizing my breath with these waves, I looked out to see the pure vastness of the ocean. Noticing an inner calm in the air surround me and swell up in my body, I felt at ease. In those moments of ease, I set the intention to be a witness to the thoughts and emotions I experience today. I will ride the waves rather than getting caught up and potentially drowning. Surfing these waves, the depths of my being will remain untouched. Thank you for such a beautiful meditation, Nitima! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️ 🏄🏻
Waves of grief
My mind is just like the ocean. My thoughts, are waves. Some waves are positive ones. Some waves are my grief. They sometimes come in harshly, wave after wave and they sometimes are much calmer, claiming my grief only on a wave here and there.
Recovery Thoughts and Positive Vibes
I just got out of the hospital for another sepsis infection and have been working on mindset this morning. I feel calmer and more relaxed than I have in months. This helped me to find the center calm of my being and to be less emotionally involved in my thoughts.
Thoughts and Waves
This meditation was wonderfully calming. I could visualize the ocean and the wave action so clearly. Thank you for reminding me of the calmness at the ocean floor and taking me deep within myself. I love your guided meditations. Namaste 🙏
ThoughtS Are Like The Wavwa
Thoughts are like waves of the ocean. Don't get caught up in them or you will drown. Learn to ride them
Thoughts Are Like The Waves
Flow with your thoughts. Like the waves.... they come and then go. Don’t chase them and don’t fight them...just be with them while they are there.
First session
Unfortunately, the anxiety and sadness I’m feeling is so strong, the very act of trying to be calm caused even greater anxiety. But I’m going to keep trying.
observe and feel
Observe that feeling as a wave ... Allow yourself to feel and let that feeling come and go
Letting Go
I learned that I must let go of negative thoughts and of holding on to an expectation.
Helpful Ocean Thoughts 🦋Soothing My Chaotic Mind?
It’s Okay ✅ To Drift & Hoping To Let GO…. As I Miss The Flow & Blue Waves 🌊
Sometimes you just have to let the stress and anxiety crash over you, in order to get back to being calm. Just let it come, and make peace with it.
Day 1 Ocean Meditation
To pay attention to my body. To release tension from all my muscles. Breathe.
Day One
Breathe. Release tension. Let my thoughts come and let them go. Be aware of my body. Breathe. Release. Let my mind and body relax.
Katherine Ferguson
Love it!
I feel better after using this app. It was relaxing and will be used again.
I am anxious and worried about the trajectory of my life.
I learned to control my thoughts and focus only on the present.