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Third Eye Activation

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Fernando Albert
Psychic Medium & Meditation Facilitator
This meditation activates the third eye chakra. First, your intuition will improve and your dreams will be more intense. You will be able to perceive beyond the five physical senses. You will have a greater understanding of the energies that surround you. It is essential to enhance your connection with your third eye, as well. From the beginning, you will see that your creativity expands. You will have more intuition as well. Last, these meditations aim to help you progress through your spiritual journey, therefore expanding your spirituality. When your chakras are healthy and expanded, everything becomes more natural, and this is precisely the purpose of these.
From the community
8 reflections
Strongest meditation session I’ve ever had
I’m In a whole new state of mind after this my hands n body started to shake to I see the world so much clearer now I have so much drive n determination I feel amazing
I feel ready for the day ahead! I noticed as soon as I close my eyes, the beautiful indigo flower is there. Getting bigger and brighter. I’m learning so much from this. Thank you 🥰✌🏼🤗
The tingling and warmth felt throughout my body felt so beautiful, kind, healing
Third eye Chakra
I'm learning a lot about the different chakras. I'm not fully engaged yet but I'm looking forward to doing so. I'm also very curious about the benefits I will experience.
I noticed that I was a little distracted
I learned that it’s ok to sit with that feeling and work through it.
Sheila Holifield
Not there yet.
I noticed that my thoughts kept going to something from the past and future. It was difficult to remain in the present. The good thing is that I recognized it and acknowledged it. It’s a good start.
3rd Eye Chakra
I struggled to visualize this rose. And it kept shrinking!! I’ll take this to mean that I need to work on this chakra more.
I noticed this one was difficult.
I started today in a bad head space so maybe thats why I'm struggling. Or maybe my 3rd eye likes being shut in my own form of self sabotage.
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