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Thinking Out of the Box

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Open up to any situation and thinking out of the box to get the best out of the situation. It doesn't have to be as bad as we think.
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6 reflections
Nice story
Really helps to put things into perspective when one is feeling backed up into a wall in a situation.
This story resonates for me at this moment. Making the right choices has been difficult. Finding ways to think outside the box could be helpful.
Walter J
Excellent story about being aware, thinking outside the box (sometimes called Possibility Thinking) and choosing to create a higher outcome. If we pay close attention and truly observe things we can often find things are not always as they seem or as they are being presented. It takes us using our perception to see that every event has both a positive, Beneficial side to equal the negative, Detrimental side. It is a matter of which one we choose to look for, focus on and think about that we will ultimately decide to bring about. In this story, had the girl just wanted a husband, she could have chosen either pebble. If she wanted to make trouble, she could have exposed his crooked tactics. But she wanted the higher outcome to both help her father and be free to marry an honorable man so she had to Create a higher outcome of her own. Great story Nitima! Thank you for sharing it. Lotsa lessons hidden in it! ❤️🙏🏼🍀
I wake up every morning at about 2:15 AM. This morning I spoke with Rick about how I appreciated that he stayed. We both stayed for each other and that deserves something more I think than we considered. While we may have shown with outstanding loyalty and a weird devotion from twisted upbringings where we subjugated ourselves for our parents or a parent; if we can recognize that fact and THAT shared experience when we met was a shared experience we felt , I think we can face our real issues and finally accept our necessary and kind roles in each other’s life. That or I had gas and it was a brain fart K
Even when I think I'm stuck with one option, there are always others. I may have to use a creative and open mind, but they are there for me if I am existing in a mindful state.
This was a really good story! There are always many more options than you think you have. Keep thinking
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