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The Waterfall Cottage | Sleep Story

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Michelle's Sanctuary
Sleep Consultant & Storyteller
Tucked in the heart of the woods is a cottage by a waterfall, created by a visionary who yearned for a harmonic life with nature. Visit this sacred retreat on the cusp of autumn, as you enjoy a morning by the falls and an afternoon picnic on a flowery meadow. At sunset, you return to the modern dwelling and enjoy a fire overlooking the waterfall. One thought can be the ticket to a mental vacation. It's time to dream away.
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2 reflections
Dental surgery and migraine
Michelle's migraine track IS AWESOME AND EFFECTIVE. I use it every day and I every night. Unfortunately I have too much experience with chronic pain self treatments, but have learned that her track is ‼️‼️SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST MIGRAINE ‼️‼️ Just yesterday it got me thru a 3 hour root canal that had several really bad complications...her track got me through with NO nitrous oxide. This is a huge problem for me, I don't do well with dental pain and fear. I used a over and over thru night, NO narcotics for the pain. I tell everyone about this specific track of Michelle's. Her stories are fabulous 💐💐💐🤗 Shelley
Root canal
Michelle's Waterfall was actually the one I used during surgery. It helped me stay on this side of Panic and run🤪 I don't know how or why I am suddenly getting these surveys, but I had been wanting to do this about her tracks but couldn't find how. I tell everyone how her tracks, creative stories, voice and empathy is the SO TRULY HELPFUL, really, I do. Michelle, don't ever stop . You have and continue to be an 😇 for me. With all sincerity, Shelley 🤗
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