That little feeling
It’s interesting when I look back on my life how “connected” I felt with my inner being. I took risk with more freedom and I trusted the direction they were taking me towards what I wanted. Somewhere along the way I lost that. I guess due to mistakes you start to not trust yourself as much any more. Fears kick in and you no longer know what is guidance or what is ego. Somewhere along the way my ego got louder and louder and took over my inner being. As I realize my inner being is still there for me, I am calmly making space for it to reveal itself in whatever way seems fit. I know now my inner being will Communicate with me in ways I will catch and understand. I know now my inner being never left me. I like the exercise of asking question and will apply this. Thank you Daniel! Sad to miss your lives as I am sound asleep by then but trying!! I do love them. Have a blessed Sunday 💕🙏🏻