Challenging my internal dialogue.
I have always believed that there was more than one of me. I used to express that as ‘wearing different masks’. Recently however, I have explored challenging the internal dialogue that constantly holds me accountable for every single thought I have, by verbalising that I am ‘ok!’.. that I’m not perfect. That it’s fine for me to feel certain ways without the guilt associated with it. That it’s ok to be frustrated, perplexed, disjointed, out of sorts or even overly zealous, enthused, impatient, too enthusiastic …without feeling like I’m creating a ‘hole in the matrix’, so to speak. The difference in verbalising it is, that it interrupts the monkey mind (so called) and allows me to hear, actually hear, above the chatter and for now (early doors) it feels empowering. I like the sensation of having someone in my corner for a change.