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The Selves Inside You - About Parts Work

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Life Coaching
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Jogen Salzberg, Sensei
Meditation Expert and Parts Work Guide
In this teaching, I explore the understanding and experience that we each contain different selves/voices/parts. Some we know and some we don't. Some we like and some we wish were not a part of us! I talk about how we can embrace the self that lives through each of us without taking any one of them as the definitive 'me'. Freedom.
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Challenging my internal dialogue.
I have always believed that there was more than one of me. I used to express that as ‘wearing different masks’. Recently however, I have explored challenging the internal dialogue that constantly holds me accountable for every single thought I have, by verbalising that I am ‘ok!’.. that I’m not perfect. That it’s fine for me to feel certain ways without the guilt associated with it. That it’s ok to be frustrated, perplexed, disjointed, out of sorts or even overly zealous, enthused, impatient, too enthusiastic …without feeling like I’m creating a ‘hole in the matrix’, so to speak. The difference in verbalising it is, that it interrupts the monkey mind (so called) and allows me to hear, actually hear, above the chatter and for now (early doors) it feels empowering. I like the sensation of having someone in my corner for a change.
Grateful for validation
I have always experienced people saying to me that some days I am one way and others a different way. Until I heard this did I realize that there are different parts of myself that come forward depending on the situation and circumstances. It's difficult to feel like a whole person when so many viewpoints are being thrown at you at once regarding a single situation. I appreciate the fact that I have layers, other parts that have a purpose. Only until I lisented to the inner most selves series did I figure out a way to catch them in the act by paying attention to my thoughts. And there are prominent parts that are forward more often than need be. My ability to function in a healthy way has been slim to none. My experience may not be like other people's experiences but it has helps changing my voice dialogue when I interact with people. Saying a apart of me feels this way while this other part feels this way has helped me realize and become aware of my parts themselves. Paying attention to the voices that are not from schizophrenia it turns out. They are just parts of me that come forward for different reasons depending on the situation and circumstances. I feel more understood and more knowledgable about what I am really going through than I ever have before.
My Therapist will be proud
She has been trying to get me into IFS work as well as EMDR and I keep resisting. The way parts work was explained here and the suggestion to start noticing the parts and speaking in the suggested way is a lot easier to understand and put into practice than other stuff I’ve read or what has been explained to me. I am also thinking about what I’ve already noticed about what parts of me come out with certain people and in various situations. I am eager to do some writing about this to expand my understanding of myself.