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The Power Of Forgiveness Pt 2/3

25 Min
Life Coaching
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Daniel Roquéo
Spiritual Teacher and Healer
In this second session out of three about forgiveness, I will guide you through a simple yet very powerful forgiveness practice that you may begin to set yourself free to be in love, peace, joy, harmony, wholeness, abundance, and prosperity regardless of what another has done or not doe, regardless of what may have happened or not happened, regardless of what you did or did not do. Are you ready to take a deep dive into the freedom that forgiveness brings? Infinite blessings to you. Daniel
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I can be so Groovy, even with my capabilities (I don’t really talk, thanks to a TBI that took place almost 26 years ago)? But anyway, Thanks so much for doing this! By the By, listening to No. 1 is a Groovy way that you can do THIS…. ☕️☮️🫖🐝🫖☮️☕️
Power of Forgiveness
This was transformative. I had no idea of what you were going to present as I fetched paper and pen but I was so ready after writing down the words. I felt as though I were a bird cutting and diving through the air, joyful to be alive as I claimed my own authority. Tears running, smiling, smiling as I set myself free and more quietly set my father free. I felt no anger towards him nor did I feel the hatred that used to well up within me kand override anything and everything in my life. I am free because I say so. He is free because I said so.
I feel joyfully, wonderfully clean and free in absolutely knowing that no one has power over me. I feel extraordinarily blessed to stand in my own authority. My feet are rooted to the earth and no one can move me or my knowing. I set myself free and it is as though thunder is rolling with my laughter. I will happily dance alone tonight. I set my father free. Quietly, gently, and I close that door. Goodbye. Namaste, Daniel.
The Power Forgiveness
I performed a practice to forgive and release. Setting myself free. Taking my power back. Releasing feelings of anger as well as joy. Freedom. Peace. It felt great! There actually is power in forgiving this way. It's not at all what I expected. It was as if the person or people were right there. I finally began journaling with this lesson. I have heard it helps with the process. Of becoming.
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