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The Perfect Morning Practice

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Ian Tucker
Author, Meditation & Reiki Teacher
Welcome to the perfect morning practice. Gift yourself just a few minutes each morning with this beautiful guided recording. Use the three simple steps and set your intention to create a positive start and a better day. Image by Mila Albrecht @ Unsplash.
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24 reflections
Perfect Practice
This started my day with a smile Thank you for reminding me that all IS well. I do need to be reminded of that.
Morning Grace
In this short, but powerful 3 step practice, we set ourselves up for having a rewarding day. As I became comfortable in my chair, I took a few cleansing breaths into my body. Feeling the expansion of my lungs as I breathed in, I felt the enjoyment of being alive. Feeling as the air flowed out of my lungs, I felt the joy of being connected. Step 1: think of someone or something to be grateful for. As I thought about what brought me gratitude, all of the creatures and vegetation that make the nature park their home came to mind. They all give me great joy and a sense of belonging as I am able photograph their constant unfoldment. Step 2: think of a way to be of service to some being. As I thought about this, beautiful ideas filled my mind. I can send well wishes to others, hold a door for someone, be a listening ear, be present, give a smile, the list goes on and on. An act of kindness brings happiness every time. Step 3: practice self care. Notice when and where judgements arise and send a kind gesture toward myself instead. Being a good friend to myself will ensure that I am a good friend to others. What a beautiful way to begin my day! I appreciate learning these steps and will implement them in my morning routine. Thank you, Ian! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Just starting.
I am feeling exhausted, burnt out, uninspired. I have PTSD and it’s wearing on me.
Wonderful short message
Thankyou for that short and sweet message! It was perfect. Just what the doctor ordered. I will listen to it every morning.
Excellent tips for the day
Thank you Ian 🙏✨appreciate the advice-I wish everyone could live by it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nice way to start my day.
Thanks for reminding me to start my day in gratitude. Finding a way to be of service and lastly being ok taking care of myself. Being ok with saying yes or no. Thanks.
I felt gratitude for the financial assistance I receive from those around me! And I learnt that it’s one thing to be grateful but to actually focus on what you are grateful for, smile while thinking of these things and really feeling the gratitude makes all the difference!
I love thinking of someone I'm grateful for...I always imagine my little boy at 7...he gave the most marvelous hugs... Always brings joy & a smile...
Morning mood
I felt calm and appreciative. I felt like I understood what today should be about. Appreciate, give, and self care. It is about Piper today.
Just peaceful
Sometimes there's not much to say...just to enjoy the moment is already a lot for me.
I really like the intentions that are being set during this meditation. This may well be the perfect morning practice of meditation. I will listen to this practice each and every morning, from now on, and I highly recommend it. Let’s all put some positive energy out there and what goes around comes around…
Perfectly said
I could listen to this every morning. “It’s not selfish it’s ESSENTIAL!” I love that so much!
Truly was the perfect morning meditation!
I really enjoyed this one- one of my favorites thus far! I enjoyed the steps of action to take for the day. That was different and cool. It really helps to look forward to the day.
I felt that setting good intentions in the morning will help me have a good day
Morning practice
Thank you for reminding me to take it easy on myself. I have been being very hard on myself and it is making my days very difficult and exhausting
Day 2
I learned that focusing my thoughts in the right direction is a great way to start the day.
Morning practice
I learned that a reminder to do a kindness and to take it easy on myself is a nice way to start the morning.
Intentional Being
I learned that powerful intentions focus on ways of being, not just doing in fact focusing on being grateful, kind and compassionate can be even more powerful
I’m seriously getting really comfortable with this meditation
I’m seriously getting comfortable with this meditation because I’m seriously getting fed up with not being able to sleep at night and I just feel like so much has been waking me up at night and I hear door slams and dogs bark in the morning and I don’t want to hear it I just got up I don’t want to hear people screaming and yelling Margo Margo early in the morning and I just feel tired I’ve learned that when I lay down my head I can relax and just be calm and be at peace and I’ve noticed when I’m meditating I can feel the lord saying Margo it’s not easy to be in one side and I feel the lord touching me and talking to me saying Margo I’ve got you I’ve got a total handle on this don’t you worry pray to me and I will take every fear every problem and every tear and keep me at peace
Better Every Day
This settled me from an anxious hurried early morning and helped me re- focus for the work day ahead.
Morning practice
What a great way to start the day! So simple yet effective. Thank you
Very good
I feel at peace and excited for the day ! Helped me realize that I have great opportunities to serve and be grateful.
First day
I didn’t feel any decreased level of my anxiety. There are several challenges through the day and my mind is running.
First day
This is just what I needed to hear this morning. It was short, but It was just perfect.