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The Moving Mind

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
A story about our mind and different ways of experiencing it.
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4 reflections
Removing mind
This is a short story which has taught me the waiver mind perceives a given situation can alter our perspective and how will you see in the world the example of whether or not a flag is moving is extremely simple. However, in future I will apply logic to my own negative thoughts. For instance I have a tendency to be hard on myself sometimes the reason I have to be hard on myself flag or in the wind) it’s not truly moving but it’s clean by mail mind I will try to be aware of this. Also on a global scale or at least a broader scale, people have different perceptions based on what they believe, two throughout their life necessary to be aware peoples minds move in different ways the way we perceive the world around us may be affected by our moving minds I’m studying sociology what do you find that house in Fridays work societies work there’s a great theory in sociology and social construction construction of them which basically means concrete viewing reality peoples views of the world respected by both rounding‘s if humans could suspend judgment and realize people in circumstances Mayhall different opinions and thoughts no brings back the way they see the world we would realize we are all guilty of subjectivity I’m not seeing the whole picture. Maybe then people would trade each other with more kindness and respect what we need especially now. This also reminds me of the Aura story about The elephant and the blind people in which for blind men touch different parts body and come up with four different views what the elephant feels like OK do you need some dirt kernel of truth. Or the story about the man for friends getting a different perspective but in the same tree after going to see it separate seasons. Georgia and mines in the machines can affect how we perceive in Handel’s generations and everyone buddy for their own reasons. We must respect each other regardless. Knowing that just because we think certain way doesn’t mean we are objectively right. Our mind affects the web for your P in the world have a good day everyone
The mind
That's deep. I had to sit back and really let that sink in. Everything just is. It's our minds that get in the way, or create beauty. The way we perceive things. All that we have experienced shapes what our thoughts are. Or what our mind thinks. Wow. I told you, I love your stories at bedtime.
Hmmmm, I am going to have to really sit with this one minute mediation. As always, so many powerful messages
Moving mind
These Zen stories always have so much to teach! The mind is how we see things
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