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The Mouse Trap

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Story demonstrates that we are all interdependent on each other. When some one is threatened, we are all at risk. We must keep an eye out for one another and make an effort to help each other.
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Mouse trap slaughter
I know better than to listen to stories about creatures being killed! The moral of the story is a good one and Nitima brings up serval things we can learn from it.
Mouse Trap
I discovered your account because I love stories so you were the only one I didn‘t know until yesterday. I wanted to give a review but i was too tired to. I like that you have many 3 minute stories and they‘re different than the other stories you can find on Aura. I loved how you tell this story so I‘m following you from now on. Keep going. 😊👍🏼
Delightful! 🙏
Nitima has a gift for storytelling. You will not be disappointed with this selection. Delightfully told, this story is far more than a simple story. It’s a beautiful reminder of the importance of uniting and working together as one. 💫🙏♥️🙏💫
Walter J
My take-aways are based on the Law of Cause & Effect (or Karma getting even): If you do not help a friend in need it could cost you your life. If you intend to take another’s life (even a mouses), it may cost you a life. Live & let live is the best motto, but learn when it is ok to live and let die. ❤️🙏🍀
What a strange story. Whatever happened to "happily ever after"? There wasn't exactly a resolution was there? Everybody died!
The Mouse Trap
Be aware that the smallest things are important. Many things effect you even if you are not aware of it
Stand ready!
I am constantly standing by on alert to help others. We only get through this life when helping one another! Even now, laid low by fate, I strive to be helpful and of aid to anyone I can. I like to do so, and do it happily! Recently, I offered aid to help move an old high-school friend of my wife’s as his family changed homes. I was THE ONLY person to offer assistance when he put out the call...even his own close family resisted the chance to help them out! He crowed about his disabled friend offering help when his own able-bodied family members wouldn't! Kind of put them to shame!
Have strength and endurance to work through unwanted circumstances. Be ready for unexpected and disappointing outcomes. Lead with courage in knowing that you’re capable of more than you imagine. With time and effort, good things will come.
you should always help friends no matter the problem. We are all connected in some way and by not helping friends in time of need it can lead to bad luck and bad things.
I think this was a great story. We often neglect problems that we think have nothing to do with us. We are less likely to act on something that doesn't affect us personally. But this is a dangerous way to think. Just because it doesn't directly affect you doesn't mean the problem is trivial or the people or whatever it is that is affected by it are okay. And who knows? It might come to haunt you in the end. You won't know until it's too late. So always be helping and never turn people away because their problem doesn't interest you. Even if it doesn't seem important to you, it is to them, and as a friend, it is your role to be helpful and supportive.
its really a vry good story how important it is for us to stay togehter and help each other .we all are dependent on each one way or the other so its better 2 stay happily with all or die like a chicken, pig and cow
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