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The Miracle Morning

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Paul Corke
Executive Coach, Author & Speaker
Hal Elrod shared in his book the importance of having an hour of power in the morning using his 6 habits that will transform your life before 8 am. I share this with you along with my own Miracle Morning routine to set you up for the morning and everyday success.
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I like miracle morning waking up with positive Thabits thinking of what I’m gratefulI like miracle morning waking up with positive Thabits thinking of what I’m grateful for followed by the meditation
I Like miracle morning waking up a positive thoughts and focusing on what I’m grateful followed by meditation. Also making a list before I get distracted
Miracle m
I look like the idea of starting the day grateful and meditating and making a list before I get distracted. It’s hard to find time for all that but maybe check off one of the boxes if it’s meditation I get in that’s actually a an accomplishment.
It’s important to listen to the advice and guidance of others, but equally important to experiment and personalize that advice to continually experiment to discover what works best for me. Namaste
Routines to set your mind
practicing the same routine daily can help with managing your mindset and sense of your own, realistic capacity.
Love this
A power hour to my day 💕 I love this and realize I already have somewhat of that in my life but listening to this I already embrace the ways to make it better, to make it my own and to start my day in the right mindset.
Morning 1
I felt better about not waking up super early to start my morning after listening. Most want you up at 5-6am. I will definitely not be my best self if I get up that early. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve slept. I’m going to stop trying to follow everyone else and create a plan that works for ME.