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A Mindset Story - The Brain

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Paul Corke
Leadership Innovator, Author & Speaker
On this track we find the discussion between the Master and the Apprentice talking about the first lesson for the day and the workings of the mind. This is Chapter 1 of The Master: A Journey of Meaning and Purpose to Define Your Mindset.
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A mind set story
If I stop and be in the present, be mindful of my way of thinking, I can change my way of thinking. The most important thing that I took away from this story is the very end example. A woman who is using her temper to speak to her children is not being mindful, she is just having a reaction. When a friend stops by her mindset changes to a more mindful way of thinking. So even when the friend has left, she can still be mindful of the way she is reacting and her mindset can consciously be changed to a more kind and thoughtful way of thinking. I learned that you don’t always have to follow a gut reaction to life, you can stop and change the way that you think about life, this can lead to a happier me and a happier life! A good lesson to be reminded of!
A Mindset Story
All I can say is Thank You!! I have just allowed my heart to be broken into a million pieces by the person I believed to be my soul sister. She took her entire family away from me, including the boys. All because SHE didn’t like my behavior lately. I lived thru a 41 year abusive marriage being someone I was not. With medication, meditation & therapy I’m finally finding myself again. Guess I’m too much for them. My eyes are finally open to the hypocrisy. I’m OK. I have my family & 4 true friends who have seen me in depression & out. That’s all I need. I’m stronger now. I WILL SURVIVE!!