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A Mindset Story - The Master

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Paul Corke
Executive Coach, Author & Speaker
This is a story about the Master and Apprentice in a discussion about the 7 noble truths. This track is the prologue to a series between the pair as they explore mindset, happiness, and well-being. This is taken from the speaker's book The Master: A Journey of Meaning And Purpose to Define Your Mindset.
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“What do I really know?, What do my senses tell me? Where do I really live?” There exists a vast knowing, it is possible to touch, but not fully know in this realm. It is of peace, of calm. If extremes exist here, it’s flavor is of awe, for the expansive vastness of what is being. This is where it all begins and ends.
The Master
Thank you, Paul, for showing me this series. Chapter 5 had popped up as a daily meditation for me. This Prologue is beautiful and I can't wait to hear more