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The Magical Carousel-Morning Meditation

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Dr. Livingstone
Dr. Livingstone MD., Ph.D.
Often, we wake up and our thoughts start to spin in circles, clouding our mood. Perhaps we've had a restless night's sleep or certain problems seem unsolvable. We find ourselves trapped in a mental spiral. This magical and meditative morning journey invites you to step out of the thought carousel and enter a state of inner peace and joyful serenity. Your day will begin on a positive note, and the feeling of joy will accompany you throughout the day. With love, Your Petra.
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2 reflections
I love the soothing voice of Dr Livingstone
Especially on Fridays or weekends this meditation gives me more positivity and I feel much more creative. I guess that’s because of the wonderful and vivid visualization of this awesome track. Can’t wait to hear more from Dr. Livingstone
Beautiful Morning Routine
I learned that my day can start with the right mood because of this magical meditation. Thank you Aura. Great Coach!