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The Gift

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Seymour Jacklin
Writer | Narrator
At the end of a day that is far too much like the one before, and the one before that, Melanie comes home to a surprise that begins to change her life. This is a story that encourages you to dream.
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6 reflections
I had forgotten
I had forgotten that those letters could apply even when were old. I need to write a letter. Thank you.
A rekindled fire!
I have gotten the spark back just from hearing those short stories. The same flame that pittered out and died all those years ago. I am excited to read what I will write. I believe that it was his elaborate descriptions of the world he was creating in the stories that reminded me of the manner in which I wrote in my youth. I used to find myself overbearing and condescending in the tone of which I wrote, but no longer shall I see my writing that way. I am nearing forty years old now, and back when I was writing in that manner, I was merely thirteen or possibly younger. Either way, I have begun a youthful inspired love affair with words again. I believe a thank you is due!
I still awake. The story left me unsettled
I learned that wanting something makes me uncomfortable. She was easy to picture myself moving along with her. I’ve never been good at dreaming for myself. I want to sleep now
Not happy with my hope to be put to bed with a great sleep story
Sleepy at 9pm Full day. Fire Cate Love dogs. Where’s my cat?
That hit home. Sobbed a bit. Now, I’m stuck with mini-me, consoling her the best I can. Absolutely lovely voice.
I felt understood.
I had no idea that story time was going to be this enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, I sobbed a bit; but, it was cathartic. Thank you.