Extremely informative!
I loved the easy-to-understand explanation of the complex physical life of dopamine and learning all the myriad ways its balance/effect can be affected. I appreciated hearing about all of the physical reasons WHY the dopamine fast alternative lifestyle changes are effective —and better—for the body and mind. There were many YES moments for me  where I was in agreement with what I was hearing due to my own personal experience and AHA moments for me where she explained the WHY behind what I had also been experiencing. For example, I had started a meditation program and that stillness enabled traumatic memories to resurface—and I didn’t have the safety factors she references in place yet to support me through that. It was only when I added  mental health therapy to my meditation practice that the doctor identified what specific safety support I needed in order to heal my trauma when it resurfaces (during my meditation and yoga practices—and flashbacks). Thanks for an illuminating and supportive session with this content 🙏❤️