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Doors of My Heart Are Open to You and Me

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Story about loving Kindness and Compassion. It can not only transform you but also others around you.
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The Choice♥️
A few minutes ago, I posted a reflection about self care. After posting, I listened to this story and realized that it was, in part, about that which I had just written and posted. The importance of loving and caring for yourself. The field of love widens and grows, encompassing all. 🙏🏻Namaste🙏🏻
I Am Learning...
...to open the door. Kathy reflected on this story the other day. I am so glad I took heed and listened to it. It’s a lovely, simple story of choice and self love, with an unexpected twist at the end. Stories like this help me continue to learn how to open the door🚪 to love and compassion for my self.
Loving You
I learned that loving myself is the greatest gift I can give to my family.
Loving myself
This taught me to love myself first and love myself well. Grateful for that.
Loving others is important. But loving yourself is as important
Very good
Open the Door
Nitima tells us a beautiful story on a situation where one monk must make a impossible decision. It is a great reminder that we must hold and value ourselves as we hold and value others. Why is it that we can hold different values for ourselves? We are never going to be perfect. The sooner we realize that, the better off we will be. We need to forgive ourselves as we have forgave others. If we haven’t done so already, we must learn to open the door and welcome ourselves to our heart! After all, we know and have known ourselves more than anyone else our entire life!
I must pay better attention to my own worth and love. It is too easy to sacrifice oneself as it’s what you do as a mother, wife, employee. But who are we to others if we don’t love ourselves. I must practice this more.
Self love and compassion
Initially I thought this story was to teach me that I need to be more compassionate to others before myself, to always love others or think of others and be content with sacrificing myself, my own beliefs (and I was ready to accept that). But it surprised me when it said I must equally love myself just as much as I love others. Even my enemies. It taught me that sacrificing myself may just be the same as sacrificing my friends, loved ones, the sick, the old, the useless, the enemy. We are to love all the same, even ourselves.
Love yourself
I loved this story; sometimes I forget to love myself as much as I love others, but to give the best of you, first you have to recognize that you are great and hay you have a lot of love to give... give it to you too.
I just feel like I’m the only one that does everything
Others do things as well Repeat as many times as you need each time these thoughts come into mind to diffuse the thought processes
Loving myself
I learned that it is important for me to love myself aside from perceived imperfections.
Unconditional self love is critical for me to love others. The love I have for others has always been greater than the love I have for myself. I feel unworthy to love because I have never felt unconditional love there’s always conditions or an exchange for me to be loved. Loving myself is very important to me and I feel I’ve missed out on the feelings of unconditional love because I haven’t given it to myself first
Self love
This story made me think immediately about Jesus and his disciples. They chose to follow him because they knew He was very very special. He preached about ‘loving’ the best and the worst of humanity.
Self love
I learned to have more awareness of self care and love for me
Love everyone the same as well as yourself equally. A kind heart, patients, and not judging others allows you to accept yourself for who you are, as well as let’s you take yourself in and accept who you’ve been, are, and who you become.
I learned that I must be open to extending loving kindness to me first. It is only then that I can extend it to others.
Artavia Lineszy
Not sure I can open my heart
I started closing my heart to people when I was a young girl. It started with family members.
I felt good during this session. What I noticed is that it can be hard for me to forgive others and also forgive myself.
I learned that forgiveness does not mean you are a fool. It is good to let go and let God!