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Relating Anxiety and Depression

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Dave Pamah
Life, Health and Fitness Coach
Have you ever wondered if anxiety and depression are related to each other? Or have you been diagnosed with both and wondered how that is possible?
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Anxiety and depression.
I learned the correlation between anxiety and depression and no doubt I fall into in the category. I go to counseling every two weeks, however, this past week my counselor cancelled on me and it has now become 3 tough weeks. Today I was an emotional roller coaster, I had my first break down in days, and I learned that having a moment for yourself to feel all the feelings you are feeling truly does help. It didn’t matter to me that I was crying in class in silence it just helped wash some of my feelings away. As the video said, people who tend to fall into to this correlation category, we do ask ourselves, “ why is this happening to me” and that’s when our minds start thinking in all the negative and start to think we probably deserve it. I learned that trying to think of other positive things could help, however, I feel sometimes your mind just sinks you back into the that hole you are so desperately to come out of. So, I say let yourself feel all the emotions you are feeling but don’t linger too much and that should help you become at peace or keep the anxiety and depression at bay.
It's been 2 months that I've been anxiety free and I finally felt free and at peace. Last night I had an anxiety attack and haven't been able to pick myself up... slowly I will and will feel at ease again. I will not give up. I'm beautiful strong worthy and enough.
Mind & body are connected
I do think that our mind and body are connected and I have had many experiences to support this belief. I experienced anxiety and depression around the same period in my life. Depression made me not want to get out of bed, while anxiety made me overly sensitive. I feel from experience that the two emotions are separate but closely related. Both emotions caused my body to go through a physical reaction. Both emotions greatly subsided when my body chemistry went back to normal and financial difficulties decreased. During this period of time I wasn’t meditating but I was trying to resolve emotional issues by going on nature walks and focusing on its beauty. I also did a lot of writing to release negative thoughts.
Why I’m Stressed
When I start to speak negatively, even if it’s to myself, my mind has no option but to continue to answer negatively. A spiral of negative thoughts, answers, and reasons will take over and this can lead to feelings of depression. We all have the choice to think negatively or positively which will subsequently increase or decrease our anxiety to depression levels. I can also lean on Alex, my logical half.
As a sufferer of depression, I try to get all the info I possibly can so I can fight this with everything I have! Diagnosed with depression in 1998, I still have not given up hope that there is cure! Until then, I will continue to fight and help others with the same conditions!!! Godspeed to all!
Definitely linked!
Anxiety and depression are not only definitely, obviously linked, they're also cyclical...feeding each other, feeding upon each other, leading to what can be a debilitating state. For me, I found myself in a state of having suicidal thoughts, which was so unlike me, I sought out mental health assistance to help cope. At the same time, about a year ago, I discovered mindfulness and Aura! Haven't looked back since!
Well, of Course
This is simply, to me, an affirmation of all that is unhelpful. Yes, they are correlated. No so shockingly, there are body sensations and negative responses that through a mind-body connection impact patterns. A long discussion of what most who have experienced, will already know. With yet again, little guidance towards relief.
I need to focus on spending more time changing my outlook and put positivity out into the world
Anxiety and depression patterns
You answer the question asked... why does this always happen to me? is answered negatively instead of What can I do to make this better and feel better?
I learned that finding healing for my anxiety and depression is happening right here, right now. Physically, I’ve been trying to do little exercises on the hour. I’m literally jogging or dancing right by my desk, and not only does it make me feel more energized, but I actually feel happy too. Thankfully there is no one around to see, lol. :) Attention wise, I’m trying to gear my mind toward meditations, positive affirmations, and little victories. When I catch a negative thought, I try to combat it with something good. Question wise, I haven’t really been asking any for fear of where my mind will go. I can see this being a major trigger for my depression, so I think I want to work on the type of positive, loving, and peace-bringing questions I can start asking. I am worthy to fight for myself, and if you also struggle with A&D, you are so worthy to fight for yourself too. ♥️😌🙏
i learned that life has meaning and meaning goes on, it’s not something you can or can’t have it’s always there.
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