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The Best Morning Routine

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Life Coaching
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Robin Wisner
Life coach, wellness mentor
Start your day by aligning your body, mind, and spirit with nourishing activities. These include physical activity, emotional/mental growth, and spiritual grounding. You can take as long as you like, so don't overthink it. Start with gentle stretching or a brisk walk. Read or listen to a personal development book to expand your mind. Spend time in meditation, prayer, or journaling. The most important thing is to do what works for you. Prioritize nourishing and aligning your body, mind, and spirit first thing every day.
From the community
5 reflections
I noticed that I was so much more present in todays session than previous ones. She used a framework that was simple, easy to follow, and concise enough to stay attentive.
A good morning
I felt my spirit and body merge. I give thanks every morning for the blessed life I have enjoyed. I have a guardian angel that have saved me so many times in situations that could have been disastrous. Thank you God.
A great reset for the morning
I know this short morning meditation would help me get my mind reset for the morning and help me focus on the good day ahead and what’s to come.
Importance of Morning Rituals
I learned I am in charge of how I start my day it is up to me to set my morning rituals and be consistent. I dictate my day by aligning my mind, body and spirit. Mind-reading, learning, exploring, creativity through reading a book, doing a mental exercise such as sudoko, cross word, etc. Body- movement & exercise through dance, stretching, walking, running, etc. going outside for sunlight Spirit- connecting with God through the Bible, prayer, meditation, journaling My day will start with spirit! My spirit is forever a living being I want it to always be aligned with God and the center of my existence. I desire a close relationship with God to be better and live better. My body is important to be healthy while I’m on earth. I want to be flexible, agile, have stamina and be able to walk, run, & bike for as long as I can physically. I desire a healthy body with curves. My mind is important bc it is the central station for the body. I desire a sharp and active mind. Reading/listening to books and taking classes will continue to enrich my mind and keep it fresh and vibrant. I desire to be like my grandmother who at 86 still has great memory and thoughts. I believe God will grant all my desires bc his word says He will.
This is really good
Thanks for this! Will you please try for this to see just how remarkable it is? Thanks so much! ☕️☯️🐝☯️☕️
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