Participating in the art of awe allows us to feel the interconnectedness between us and the world around us. In this beautiful meditation, Mariah has us recall a few times in which we experienced awe. Recalling one such experience of awe, I was taken back to the state of Washington. I was camping and had decided to go for a walk. The trail, narrow at first, opened to this quaint grassy area surrounded by trees. As I stood in the middle f this beauty, I began to hear some rustling in the trees. As I looked over, a deer was slowly moving towards me. Still as a statue, I saw this doe continued to cautiously approach me. Then the moment when all time seemed to melt away had arrived. Smelling my right shoe and pant leg, I couldn’t believe what was happening! The only sound I heard was the beating of my own heart. As she arrived at my mid thigh, her head rose and our eyes locked. Seeing my reflection in her eyes, I felt this immense joy in my heart rise. I felt seen and accepted for who I was. I was completely awe-stricken! After recalling this magical moment in my life, these beautiful feelings of connection, belonging and love filled my heart. Thank you, Mariah for such a wonderful meditation! I am grateful! P.S. I’d love to hear your stories of awe, my friends! Share them below if you feel inclined to do so. Namaste 😊❤️☮️