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The Art and Practice of Compassion

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Life Coaching
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Daniel Roquéo
Spiritual Teacher and Healer
Compassion may be said to be the understanding of lack of understanding in another (and in ourselves). While we are never wise to deny or diminish anything that we feel, realizing that whenever another has hurt us, it was not personal and that they at that moment did the very best they knew how to do can be a powerful catalyst into the peace and freedom that we all desire. I invite you to join me as we explore the immense power of the Art and Practice of Compassion.
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2 reflections
I have the power
I have the power to stand in my feelings another can not steel, take over, or over power me unless I allow it. Their ignorance I forgive. One can not do more than they know. I have the power to stay firm in my peace. Feel hurt but don’t internalize forgive and move on.
Maria Elena
Thank you Daniel what a powerful words I feel that I am getting freedom and wings to flight and to go deep within me
It helps me to understand my humanity and my place here Thank you Thank you Many blessings to you Daniel ♥️💕
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