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The 5 Hindrances - Spoken Word

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Bill Scheinman
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
There are five basic challenges in meditation - and knowing how to deal with them is essential if our practice is to become effective and sustainable. Photo by Bekah Allmark from Pexels
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How to approach hindrances to meditation
If a hindrance arises then it is your practice. I haven’t felt well for the past 10 days and it has affected my meditations. I have encountered all sorts of resistance. So this was really good information for me. very helpful. This is another great talk and I’ll be coming back again to listen to it.
If it’s in the way it is the way
Rather than resisting the challenges I face in my meditation I’m going to try embracing them with curiosity. The challenges I face the most are desire, anger, and restlessness and anxiety. When I feel angry and frustrated I will depersonalize those feelings. I am not angry, I am not frustrated, I am simply experiencing these emotions but they are not me.
In my year with mindfulness, these ”hindrances” have not hindered my appreciation of the activity. Perhaps in a more ”standard” method of practicing mindfullness, these ”hinderances” might intrude more often on my time and enjoyment of my practice. Honestly? The worst intrusion on my ongoing mindfullness practice are 19, 17 and 11 years old!
What wisdom!
Best track I’ve ever listened to. Anxiety. Doubt. Sleepiness. Desires. Anger.